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JustBE Mindful Kits
   Customizable Kits Start at 500$'s

Urban Modern Interior Design


Your JustBE Kit comes with everything you need to start practicing mindfulness. It is the perfect solution during your work day to re- focus, motivate, and restore the calm you need to get the job done well. This is the modern person’s solution to getting moments of mindfulness during a stressful work day. JustBE comes with a decorative room divider that instantly creates a mood to practice mindfulness, allowing you to practice a few minutes of mindfulness that will stay with you throughout your work day. Your JustBE divider folds up easily and designed to induce focus and calm.

Working from Home


We all need a quiet space in our home where we can JustBE. The question is, how do we create that? Problem solved! Your JustBE Kit comes with everything you need to create those much needed restorative minutes to practice JustBE-ing. Use it for yourself, gift it to your partner, offer it to your kids, or use it with your kids! Your JustBE Kit comes with a hand painted decorative room divider, soft carpet to put your meditation cushion on, headphones and an mp3 player with music designed to induce a calm state of mind. Plus, the JustBE Mindfulness Guidebook! In just a few minutes a day you’ll be fueling yourself and your family with skills that teach, “Peace begins with ME”!

Kids in Art Class


Mindfulness in education is BOOMING due to extensive research that shows mindfulness enhances students focus, attention, compassion and ability to better regulate their emotions and impulses. Sounds good right? Each JustBE Kit comes with a decorative room divider that is light and can be folded up and put away in moments when not in use. A comfy carpet to put your seated cushion on, headphones and an mp3 player with music specifically designed to enhance focus and cultivate calm. Students and teachers are reporting high levels of anxiety. The JustBE Kit is a skillful toolbox that offers students, teachers and staff a simple creative way to de-escalate heightened emotions, learn skills that lessen anxiety, and find a slice of peace and calm. We must learn how to practice JustBE-ing, NOW, for the mental and physical health of generations to come.

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