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Teen Depression

"I believe healing is a lifelong journey and the hardest part is starting so just take that baby step little by little by little you'll get towards more healing um and just begin."

In this episode, we discuss the topic of teens and depression. Tarana Burke, founder of the #metoo movement says, “I believe healing is a lifelong journey and the hardest part is starting.“ All we can do is start where we are and take tiny steps to begin the journey of healing.

Teen Depression [00:02:04] Mindful Nikki discuss the impact of the pandemic on teenagers' mental health, particularly their ability to socialize and how it has led to depression.

Symptoms of Depression [00:06:49] Mindful Nikki discuss the importance of seeking help if you are experiencing symptoms of depression, and the different resources available to teenagers, such as teachers, school counselors, and therapists.


Keep Moving Forward [00:09:11] Mindful Nikki discuss the importance of taking the first step to seek help and the importance of having a supportive friend to motivate you to keep going. They end with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. about the importance of moving forward.


The Importance of Allowing Others to Express Their Feelings [00:09:37] Mindful Nikki discuss the importance of being there for others and allowing them to express their feelings without judgment.


Learned Optimism [00:13:35] Mindful Nikki talk about the concept of learned optimism and how changing our explanations of what we tell ourselves can help cultivate optimism.


Surrounding Yourself with Positivity [00:17:40] Nuri advise listeners to surround themselves with positivity, including positive music and videos, to improve their mental wellbeing.


Healing is a lifelong journey [00:19:07] Mindful Nikki shares a quote by Tarana Burke about healing being a lifelong journey and encourages taking baby steps towards healing.


Resources for mental health [00:19:51] Mindful Nikki provides resources for those struggling with mental health and encourages reaching out to a trusted adult for evaluation by a mental health professional.


Just Be Mindful [00:21:37] The podcast episode ends with a reminder to take a moment to pause, breathe, and just be.


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