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What people are saying about JustBE

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Mindful Mentor Intern


Mindful Mentor Intern


Ms. Mora

“The JustBE program benefits my students in so many ways. It makes them more mindful and they are able to respond instead of react in situations which may feel high stress. They utilize their Handjam technique whenever they feel anxious or just need a moment to “just be”. After they are easily able to refocus on tasks and feel refreshed. The program has showed them that they have all the tools they need at their fingertips to relax, recenter, and destress”. 



"I was a mindful mentor along with a few other classmates.  The JustBE program was a very helpful outlet for the students and the mentors as a relief from stress during the school day. I believe helping elementary students learn how to calm down in the middle of the school day builds lasting confidence.  I also believe that the JustBE program helped many kids and teens focus better about on their work."


N. J. Rivero, M.S.Ed.

“Recently I was lucky enough to spend several days with Nikki in my high school classroom. Nikki’s divine voice, obvious passion, extensive knowledge, and her ability to share her learning’s with my high school students make her the ultimate mindfulness teacher. Nikki’s approach to mindfulness and meditation is so accessible that any age group can access regularly in everyday life. It was a delight to see her share with my students as she prepared them to go into the community elementary schools and share with others.”


Betty Norton, M.Ed.

“At Xceed, our students are at the center of our decisions. When Nikki Levine came to us with her program JustBE we knew it was the right fit for our students. On-campus we have created a sacred space where a student can sit, begin breathing exercises and select a playlist that helps them navigate their feelings, accept their feelings, and then let go. She’s also shared with our students and staff how they can calm themselves and release anxiety with short exercises or hand gestures (hand jams!). Many of our students are seen throughout the day practicing and realizing “peace beings with me”. Thank you, Nikki for your expertise and dedication”.


Dr. Balzano

“The JustBE program benefited my students in several different ways. For example, one of my students shared that she was able to calm herself before an audition by doing a Handjam before she went on. She used the words: “ I got this, I got this...”. She says it helped ground her so she could focus on her performance. Another student found the JustBE program to be a source of motivation for himself by using the stretching techniques he learned in the program. This helped him stretch-and encouraged him to lose weight-which made his doctor very happy. A group of my girls had a big disagreement. But because of the communication strategies they learned, it didn’t last long and a solution was found. After teaching for nearly 30 years; it’s an honor to be apart of the JustBE program”.


Mrs. WIlliams

“My experience with Mindul Nikki was outstanding.  I am a Miami Dade County public school teacher for students with special needs. During the summer I work as a teacher supervisor for the Summer Youth Internship Program. This summer was a challenge to say the least due to the corona outbreak. Teachers had to be creative in order to conduct virtual internships. MindfulNikki rose to the occasion. She met with my students on a weekly basis. She immediately captured their attention with exercises to ease their minds and created a sense of calm. Each week that went by the students felt more confident and wanted more of what Nikki had to offer. By the end of the summer the students were practicing Nikk’s mindfulness on their own and sharing their experiences. I was delighted with the results. My hope is that the students continue to utilize the skills that were taught by MindfulNikki to soothe their minds and create peace within themselves". 


Ms. Gilfoy

“As an educator, I believe that my students should be given the gift of lifelong learning along with the tools to become good-hearted and productive adults. It is within programs like JustBE that extend and solidify this gift- A gift that keeps on giving. JustBE bestows upon my students the gift of mindfulness. My students are able to use their breath, mind and body in order to be in the present moment. Not only does the program truly help my students focus and relax, but it also creates kinder and more empathic individuals. I find my students using the JustBE strategies throughout the school day- whether it be before a test, prior to talking to a friend about their feelings or simply transitioning between subjects. These mindful strategies truly help alleviate anxiety, creates balance, and brings a sense of peace and serenity into my classroom. I am eternally grateful to have had the honor of Mindful Nikki and her mentors help shape my students, and I am certain that these practices will be used throughout their lives”. 


Ms. Calebresi

“JustBE Mindfulness practices should be taught in every classroom because of all the positive benefits. Students and teachers learn to manage stress, self-regulate anxiety, and maintain a positive mindset. The JustBE program became an essential part of our weekly routine. I observed the mood/vibe in the room gradually change for the better. It felt like there was less pressure in sharing thoughts and feelings. I noticed students being calm and really focusing on what they were doing. Before taking tests, I noticed students using breathing exercises and Handjams that we had learned. I am a firm believer that Nikki was an integral part of our successful year”. 



“Hi, my name is Kayla Dominich and I am going to be speaking about the wonderful opportunity I have had to work with Mindful Nikki on JustBE-ing. When I first began the internship, I had no clue what JustBE-ing meant. Once I began to understand what it consisted of, I actually grew to love it. Mindful Nikki taught me so many exercises to release anxiety, stress, and worry, and they work! I suffer from anxiety, and Mindful Nikki has changed my life. I’m so grateful for the opportunity I was given to work with her and the students. I would consider this program to anyone! It is definitely a game changer". 

Mindfulness Teacher Miami

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