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Image by Zoltan Tasi

Welcome and Get to Know the JustBE Family

"Through mindfulness, we can cultivate empathy, enhance self-compassion, and navigate tough situations"

The first official episode of the "JustBE Mindful Podcast" is up! Inside this episode you'll hear a bit more about Nuri our Host, and Mindfulnikki your Co-Host and author of the "JustBE Mindfulness Guidebook".  We are excited to get this off the ground and begin to help teens normalize what they experience, and also help teachers and parents of teens understand this time in their life more deeply.

*Introduction [00:00:03]*
Nuri introduces the JustBE Mindful podcast and its purpose of navigating difficult teen issues through mindfulness.

*Introducing the Co-Host [00:00:18]*
Nuri introduces Nikki Levine, the co-host of the podcast, who will provide helpful ways to survive teen life.


*What it means to "just be" [00:01:18]*
Nuri explains the concept of "JustBE" and how the podcast will teach teens to practice awareness skills, cultivate empathy, and enhance self-compassion and self-regulation.


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