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Stress management In Miami

JustBE Mindful Program, and Author of the JustBE Mindfulness Guidebook


For the last decade I have helped thousands of kids, teachers and parents transform their classrooms and life at home into a more peaceful, kind, compassionate environment by teaching them JustBE Mindful skills.

See below what people are saying about JustBE!

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What people are saying about JustBE

“Hi my name is Johana and I’m here to share with you my experience with the JustBE program and Nikki Levine. I was fortunate enough to meet Nikki through my youngest daughter Reeva when she was in Kindergarten with Nikki’s youngest daughter about 10 years ago. I remember when I first met Nikki I felt such a sense of peace in her home and aura around her.  I loved the way she interacted and spoke to her children it really warmed my heart and was definitely something that I wanted to incorporate in my life for myself and my family. A few years later Nikki started the JustBE program and incorporated it into the public school system our kids were attending. Unfortunately by the time the program grew we had moved to a private school. Good news is today our paths have crossed again. Doing my own personal introspection and seeking solutions, I align myself to meet people like Nikki. Having Incorporated many tools in my life which are bringing me peace such as sobriety, meditation, prayer and mindfulness. I was very attracted again to the message that Nikki and the JustBE program has to offer. I highly suggest you consider checking out her Instagram page. I was amazed to see these young Highschool students, trained to be Mindful Mentors are helping younger students apply the philosophy of mindfulness with Nikki’s guidance.  I identified so much with what she was teaching that I wanted it so much for my daughter so I decided to start a group of girls to take the JustBE program with the hope that they could be JustBE Mindful Mentors in their schools, passing it to their peers, as well as creating a JustBE club in their schools. I’m very fortunate that my daughter was receptive to the program".


—  Johana (Parent)

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My Story

You truly never know how someone will influence your life. I was in my twenties, and a friend casually asked me to come check out a unique kickboxing class led by none other than Willie Mays. Okay, it’s not THE baseball player Willie Mays, but he was a fascinating man nevertheless. My friend took me to Willie’s garage, in South Miami to meet this chiseled man with a beaming smile. Willie was quite an accomplished kick boxer back in the day, so it was no wonder in those small classes of 4-5 people he made you sweat more than you thought was humanly possible. At the end of each class I’d lay half dead on the ground; but the class wasn’t over just yet. Willie would lead us through yoga postures and made subtle adjustments while in those postures that set my body and mind into balance in ways I don’t actually know how to explain. 


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