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Mindfulness Guidebook

Guided Practices for Parents, Teachers & Counselors to Invite Calm, Balance and Awareness into a Child’s Life (For Ages 7 & Up) 

Experience more meaningful moments with the people you value most, by cultivating skills to JustBE— more calm, present and connected.

My Story

You truly never know how someone will influence your life. I was in my twenties, and a friend casually asked me to come check out a unique kickboxing class led by none other than Willie Mays. Okay, it’s not THE baseball player Willie Mays, but he was a fascinating man nevertheless. My friend took me to Willie’s garage, in South Miami to meet this chiseled man with a beaming smile. Willie was quite an accomplished kick boxer back in the day, so it was no wonder in those small classes of 4-5 people he made you sweat more than you thought was humanly possible. At the end of each class I’d lay half dead on the ground; but the class wasn’t over just yet. Willie would lead us through yoga postures and made subtle adjustments while in those postures that set my body and mind into balance in ways I don’t actually know how to explain. 

I honestly didn’t even know at first this was yoga, because this was (cough, cough), 1997! This was the first time, through movement, that I felt a shift happening from the inside out, instead of my usual focus with exercise being solely on creating external change. I grew up in Miami where the beach, bikinis and my external appearance were of great importance. Up to this point in my life I had only experienced my body from a purely physical perspective. But it was in that small hot garage that something magical was stirred inside me in those mysterious movements at the end of each class. I felt a strong pull to learn more. I began to read books on yoga and meditation, and take classes and workshops with yogis. I quickly realized these yogis had that same calm presence I felt from Willie. I was determined to have what they had and I wanted it straight away! However, I couldn’t help but wonder if they had something I surely wasn’t born with. But what I came to understand surprised me; they weren’t super human beings and I was an ordinary being. The only difference between us, was they learned how to access their ability to BE - present, calm, and embodied. You see, cultivating a calm present mind and an open heart isn’t out of reach or unattainable — for any of us. This was great news! And meant that the quality of presence I sought was in reach. This growing interest led me to complete a master's program from Naropa University in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, where mindfulness/awareness meditation was at the core of my training which gave me the foundation to bring the quality of presence I was cultivating out into the world.  

That first flicker of an embodied way of BE-ing I experienced since stepping into Willie's garage continues to burn, fueling me with energy to serve others on their path to awakening their own wise heart and mind. My JustBE Mindfulness Guidebook, services and products were all born with this intention in mind.

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In Peace,


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