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PODCAST: JUNE 26, 2022

Be Here Now

"When you stick with this practice more comfort and ease will definitely come the more familiar you get with this practice."

In this episode we will be guiding you through an exclusive part of the JustBE Mindful App, called the “JustBE Mindful Map” for ages 16 and up. Nuri (Host) and Mindfulnikki (Co-Host) introduce you to the intention "Be Here Now" which will help you experience more calm and connected moments throughout your day. In this episode, we cover…

  • What does 'Be Here Now' mean?

  • Why does it matter to be in the now?

  • How does my heart feel?

  • How does my body feel?

  • Why "not knowing" the answers to these questions is okay?

Introduction [00:00:14] Introducing the hosts and the intention for the mindfulness practice.


Mindfulness Posture and Check-In [00:01:21] Guidance on how to come into a mindfulness posture and a check-in practice to connect with the heart and reflect on thoughts and feelings.


Hand Jam Practice and Mindfulness in Action [00:10:19] Explanation and practice of the hand jam finger tapping technique and how to bring mindfulness into daily activities.


Posture check [00:12:33] Mindful Nikki talks about the importance of checking our posture and how it reflects our mental state.


Mindful practice conclusion [00:13:51] Nuri guides listeners through a conclusion of the mindfulness practice session.


Closing remarks [00:14:34] Mindful Nikki and Nuri thank listeners for participating and encourage them to continue practicing mindfulness.


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