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PODCAST: JULY 26, 2022

Peace Begins
with Me

"If there's one thing you can control it's how you respond so if you learn which we all can to be at peace or mostly at peace is a good starting goal to reach for especially in challenging situations then you know that peace begins and ends with you but this takes time to remain calm when chaos hits of course so be kind to yourself and take one step at a time.

Hi! In this episode Nuri (your Host) and Mindfulnikki (your Co-Host) guide you through an exclusive part of the JustBE Mindful App, called the “JustBE Mindful Map” for ages 16 and up. The JustBE Mindful Map is designed as a simple inner navigation system to bring you more calm connected moments each day.

In this episode we cover… What does Peace Begin with Me mean?
How can it help?
Who can it help?
How do we cultivate peace within?

Peace Begins with Me [00:00:42] Mindful Nikki discuss the importance of the intention "Peace Begins with Me" and how it can transform difficult feelings.


Mindfulness Practice [00:03:57] Mindful Nikki lead a mindfulness practice, including a comfortable seated position and three mindful breaths.


Metaphors and Self-Regulating Practices [00:10:39] Mindful Nikki discuss the use of metaphors and self-regulating practices to bring balance to the mind and body, including the scuba diving metaphor and the hand jam practice.


Hand Jam Practice [00:12:44] Nuri lead a mindfulness practice called the "hand jam" where listeners tap their fingers while reciting the intention "peace begins with me."


Importance of Cultivating Inner Peace [00:14:42] Mindful Nikki discuss the importance of cultivating inner peace and how it can help individuals respond better to challenging situations.


Conclusion and Gratitude [00:16:38] Mindful Nikki and Nuri thank their listeners for participating in the mindfulness practice and encourage them to continue cultivating peace within themselves and spreading it to others.


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