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Body Standards

The intention "I am Okay" drops us into a more present, balanced mind and body.

In this thought-provoking episode, Nuri and MindfulNikki share their personal struggles with body image and the societal pressures to conform to beauty standards. Tune in as they offer powerful insights and practical techniques for cultivating inner balance and contentment, and encourages listeners to protect their minds and hearts from negative influences. Don't miss out on this empowering conversation!

Mindfulness and Just Be program [00:00:33] Mindfulness Nikki talks about her background in mindfulness and how she started the Just Be mindfulness program.

Pressure to be beach ready and role of social media [00:02:12] The conversation shifts to the pressure to be "beach ready" all year round in Miami and the role of social media and the beauty industry in perpetuating body standards.


Body Standards and Social Media [00:08:47] The discussion moves to talking about the pressure to attain body standards, the role of social media, and the beauty industry in perpetuating these standards.


Importance of Inner Health [00:10:58] The conversation shifts to the importance of focusing on inner health and balance, rather than solely on external appearance.


Advice for Teens [00:14:12] Mindfulness Nikki offers advice for teens on protecting their minds and bodies by being mindful of what they see, hear, and surround themselves with.


Finger Tapping Practice [00:16:58] Mindfulness teacher Nikki guides listeners through a finger tapping practice to bring them into the present moment and help calm a busy mind.


Cultivating Peace Within [00:23:33] Nikki discusses how cultivating peace within oneself through practices like meditation can spread positivity and affect those around us.


Building New Body Standards [00:25:38] The hosts discuss the importance of protecting one's mind and being mindful of what media and messages we consume in relation to body standards.


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