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Toxic Friends

People don't determine your fun and your peace, you have to give that to yourself.

Today, Nuri sat down with her very dear friend Schmide. Yes the Youtuber Schmidee!!! Together they had quite a heart to heart about toxic friends: why they have gotten involved in them, how to unhook themselves from these relationships, sorrowful experiences with them, and freedom that comes with releasing negative people.

Toxic Friends [00:01:11] Schmide defines toxic friends as those who hinder one's progress and constantly criticize. She shares a personal story of a toxic friend from middle school.


Importance of Positive Friends [00:05:19] Schmide emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with positive and supportive friends who have similar goals. Negative energy should be avoided.


Inner Peace [00:06:57] Nuri and Schmide discuss the importance of maintaining inner peace and not allowing negative energy to affect one's well-being. They encourage listeners to take control of their own peace and reactions.


Peace is Contagious [00:07:59] Nuri and Schmide discuss how peace is contagious and how it can affect others around you.


Toxic Friendships [00:08:26] Nuri and Schmide discuss the importance of recognizing toxic friendships and surrounding oneself with positive and supportive friends.


Surround Yourself with Good People [00:13:30] Nuri and Schmide emphasize the importance of surrounding oneself with go-getters and grinders who want the best for themselves and their friends.


Stop letting people walk all over you [00:15:10] Schmide shares advice to her younger self and encourages listeners to be true to themselves and not let others take advantage of them.


Conclusion of the episode [00:15:52] Nuri thanks Schmide for joining her and reminds listeners to tune in next week and follow them on Instagram.


Final goodbye [00:16:05] Schmide and Nuri say their goodbyes and encourage listeners to take a moment to just be.


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