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College Stress

"What helps students universally is to ask themselves what they are genuinely looking for in a college experience...if students can tap into the parts of themselves that are most genuine and authentic, the college application process will go more smoothly."

"What we think we want and what we need can look quite different, Trusting the process of what unfolds will help you settle into whatever the outcome is." - MindfulNikki

Introduction [00:00:03] Nuri introduce the podcast episode and its topic of college stress and mindfulness practices.

College stress and pressure [00:00:21] Mindfull Nikki discuss the stress and pressure that comes with applying to college, including expectations from outside sources and the cost of schools.


Mindfulness practice and trusting the process [00:07:27] Guided mindfulness practice to release the need for a specific outcome and trust the process of the college application journey. Discussion of the concept of what we want versus what we need.


Trusting the process [00:11:37] Nikki and Nuri discuss the importance of trusting the college application process and being open to unexpected opportunities.


College process mindset [00:12:25] The mindset needed for the college application process is explored, including the need for exploration and organization.


Starting the college process [00:15:11] The college application process starts in freshman year of high school, with the importance of being involved in activities and clubs discussed.


Preparing for College [00:19:32] Tips on how to prepare for college starting from freshman year, including looking for scholarships and trying different things.


Finding Your Passion [00:20:24] Discussion on how to find your passion, including personal experiences and advice.


Scholarship Opportunities [00:23:06] Information on scholarship opportunities such as the Posse Foundation and Young Arts, as well as tips on how to qualify for scholarships through programs and clubs in high school.


Self-awareness in college application [00:27:44] Connie Berg's quote emphasizes the importance of self-awareness in the college application process, beyond just career goals and expectations from others.

Dealing with waiting and trusting the process [00:33:11] Mindful practices can help in dealing with the stress and uncertainty of waiting for college acceptances, and trusting that the outcome will lead to where one needs to go.


Being open to different outcomes [00:34:21] It's important to be open to different outcomes and trust that everything happens for a reason, even if it's not what was expected or wanted. It's also important to choose colleges that one would be okay with attending, even if it's not the top choice.


Keeping an Open Mind [00:35:31] Advice on keeping an open mind to different outcomes and experiences during the college application process.


Different Paths to Your Goal [00:36:08] Reminding listeners that there are different ways to achieve their goals, including transfer programs.


Conclusion and Resources [00:37:14] Announcement of the end of the episode, a thank you to the guest, and information on where to find more resources on mindfulness and parenting.


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