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Success in Sports

"Success in the sense of finding the joy in your craft and the ability to drop into a flow state where it feels like it's just you and the ball the dance or the boat everything else seems to drop away because you are immersed in the love of the sport and that's all that matters."

Our guest today is Lola, a senior in high school, a JustBE Mindful Mentor Intern for the second year, and an athlete since the age of three. Tune in to hear more of what success is like from a teens point of view, and how mindfulness helped Lola regulate nerves before big races.

JustBE Tip: "Success in sports can simply be finding moments of embodied joy where you are so intensely present that winning does not consume you—the love of the sport does." - MindfulNikki

Introduction [00:00:03 - 00:00:23] Nuri introduce the podcast and and Nikki introduce the guest, Lola, who has experience in rowing and dancing.


Lola's background and rowing as a sport [00:01:39 - 00:03:01] Lola talks about her background in dancing and rowing, and explains what rowing is as a sport.


Dealing with pressure and challenges in sports [00:05:44 - 00:06:20] Nuri ask Lola how she deals with the pressure and challenges of being an athlete, including the pressure to win and the physical demands of the sport.


Dealing with Pressure [00:06:06] Lola talks about the pressure she has faced since a young age and how she deals with it as an athlete.


Internal Motivation and Team Support [00:07:56] Lola discusses how her internal motivation and support from her team keep her motivated to push herself to be better.


Mindful Breathing [00:09:05] Lola shares how mindful breathing helped her calm her nerves and improve her performance in rowing races.


Building Successful Relationships in Sports [00:11:57] Nuri and Lola discuss the importance of communication and respect for each other in building successful relationships within sports teams.


Motivation as Key to Success in Sports [00:15:09] Lola shares a story about how motivation played a key role in her teammate's success in rowing, emphasizing the importance of motivation in high school sports.


Trusting the Process and Not Expecting Results Too Soon [00:16:40] Nuri and Lola discuss the quote "the best way to score is to try to not score" and how it relates to motivation and trusting the process in achieving success in sports.


The Importance of Racing and Self-Improvement [00:17:27] Lola talks about her experience racing at nationals and the importance of self-improvement in sports.


The Importance of Safety in Sports [00:18:19] Nuri discuss the importance of safety in sports and how it should always come first.


The Role of Mindset in Flow and Success [00:20:08] Nuri and Lola discuss the importance of mindset in achieving flow and success in sports, using examples from dancing and rowing.


Consistency and Motivation [00:23:20] Lola talks about the importance of consistency and motivation in sports, and how showing up every day is crucial even when it's hard.


Success in Sports [00:24:45] Mindful Nikki shares her perspective on success in sports, which is about finding joy in the craft and being fully present in the moment, rather than just focusing on winning or getting a medal.


Conclusion [00:24:33] Nouriel August thanks Lola for being a guest and ends the episode, while reminding listeners to join her free Facebook group and take a moment to just be.


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