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Dangers of Being a Black Female

If you are not black know your privilege and use your voice because if you're not using your voice silence is violence because silence is really causing deaths out here you may not be the one with the gun but you saw it and you allowed it to happen please I act and I plead that you guys respect us because we all bleed red.

I asked Nuri why she felt it was important to do this topic and she said: "I felt like I needed to do an episode on the dangers of being a black female because people need to know our daily fight, and they need to be aware of the unfair obstacles that we face as we have been silenced in the corner for decades."

This episode is important for all of us to tune in, no matter what age you are, color, or where you are from. Learning more, means you can do more and BE more aware. Let's do that--together.

Gender Issues [00:01:11] Nuri and Tenaya discuss the lack of respect and unequal pay that women face in their communities and workplaces.


Catcalling [00:02:22] Nuri and Tenaya share their personal experiences with catcalling and how it makes them feel uncomfortable and unsafe.


Additional Fight for Racial Equality [00:07:48] Nuri and Tenaya talk about the need to fight for racial equality and support black men in addition to the struggles of being a black female.


Being Black and a Woman [00:08:04] Nuri and Tenaya discuss the emotional drainage of being a black woman and the fear of losing loved ones to police brutality.


Colorism in the Black Community [00:09:54] Nuri and Tenaya talk about the issue of colorism in the black community and how it affects black women's self-esteem.


Hair and Cultural Appropriation [00:13:52] Nuri and Tenaya discuss the double standard of black hairstyles being deemed "ghetto" but then becoming a trend when worn by non-black people. They also talk about the importance of respecting black culture and hair.


Inequality at Church [00:15:47] Tenaya shares her experience of inequality at her church, which was predominantly Hispanic and white, and how she felt unwelcome and uncomfortable due to her race.


Expectations of Black Women [00:17:21] Nuri and Tenaya discuss the stereotype of black women being strong and how it leads to people not acknowledging their vulnerability and mental health issues.


Racial Discrimination in School [00:18:17] Tenaya talks about her experience of being a minority in a predominantly Hispanic school and how she faced racism, lack of support, and low expectations from teachers and students.


Black Women Struggle for Respect and Justice [00:23:35] Nuri and Tenaya discuss the lack of respect and low expectations black women face, using personal experiences and the cases of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd as examples.


Living in Fear [00:27:15] Nuri and Tenaya talk about the fear black women have to live with every day, including the fear of police brutality, human trafficking, and being in predominantly white spaces.


Underreported Cases of Missing Black Women [00:31:23] Nuri and Tenaya discuss the lack of media coverage and attention given to missing black women, highlighting the case of Breonna Taylor and the possibility of other similar cases that go unreported.


Who can protect me? [00:33:31] Nuri and Tenaya discuss the fear of not being protected by the police as a black female and the lack of justice for victims of violence.


Factors affecting black females [00:34:30] Nuri and Tenaya talk about the multiple factors that black females have to worry about, including safety, inequality, and relationships.


Diluting the problems [00:37:14] Nuri and Tenaya suggest solutions to the issues faced by black females, including teaching self-love and fighting for equality, and urge non-black individuals to use their privilege and voice to support the cause.


The Need for Unity [00:39:24] Nuri and Tenaya discuss the need for unity among different races and ethnicities to combat repeated patterns of racism and discrimination.


A Heated and Meaty Episode [00:40:45] Nuri and Tenaya for being a part of a heated and intense episode discussing the struggles of being a black female.


Empowering Black Girls [00:41:35] Tenaya empowers black girls, reminding them that they are beautiful, loved, and capable of achieving anything they want in life.


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