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Embracing Uniqueness

Everyone we meet is fighting a battle a struggle all of us have stories all of us have challenges that we face and some of them are invisible and some of them are visible.

We have two very special guests in this episode who are high schoolers and share how they embrace their unique challenges-social anxiety and hearing loss. MindfulNikki also joins in at the end to offer her perspective on what might be stopping you from embracing your uniqueness, and how empathy can be a game changer.

Embracing Uniqueness [00:00:03] Nuri introduce the episode and guests, Alana and Patrick, who share their experiences with social anxiety and hearing loss, respectively.

Managing Social Anxiety [00:01:05] Alana discusses how her social anxiety affects her during team sports and how she manages it through tapping and meditation.

Living with Hearing Loss [00:06:22] Patrick shares his experiences with hearing loss, including not passing hearing tests as a baby and learning to talk through speech classes in school.

Dealing with bullying [00:07:59] Patrick shares his experience of being bullied in school and how he dealt with it.

Challenges of hearing loss [00:09:09] Patrick talks about his experience of using hearing aids and how he lost them multiple times.

Embracing uniqueness [00:11:53] Mindful Nikki shares her thoughts on embracing uniqueness and how sharing our challenges with trusted people can help us overcome them.


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