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JustBE Mindful Map

"Mindfulness is basically just paying attention in each moment without judgment which if you think about that it's kind of a radical act right?

We are back! After pausing for almost a year we (Nuri & MindfulNikki) have released Season 2 of the JustBE Mindful Podcast. We are excited about the new format for this Season, as each episode will be introducing you to an exclusive part of the JustBE Mindful App, called the “JustBE Mindful Map” for ages 16 and up. In each episode we will guide you through one JustBE Mindful Map practice which is a simple inner navigation system created to bring you more calm connected moments each day. In this episode we cover… What does it mean to JustBE Mindful? What are the benefits to JustBE-ing and why practice it? What is the JustBE Mindful Map and how will it help me? About the Host Nurielle (Nuri) Auguste:

Nurielle is currently attending Syracuse University, studying broadcast and digital journalism. She is a Haitian- American Miami native who has a forceful passion for communication. Nurielle is new to mindfulness but eager to learn more about it through her journey with Nikki. If you would like to learn more about her be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @nurielleauguste

Introduction to Just Be Mindful Map [00:00:44] Mindful Nikki introduces the Just Be Mindful Map, a series of short guided practices to help listeners find their way back to balance and being.


Explanation of Mindfulness [00:03:30] Mindful Nikki explains what mindfulness is and how it can enhance emotional intelligence, leading to more effective leadership and better relationships.

Instructions for Mindful Breathing [00:07:43] Mindful Nikki guides listeners through settling into a comfortable seated position and practicing mindful breathing for one minute, emphasizing the importance of checking in with oneself and using the feelings and needs list available on the Just Be Mindful app.


Just Be Mindful Map [00:10:07] Introduction to the Just Be Mindful Map, a series of short guided practices to help listeners find their way back to balance and being.


Hand Jam Practice [00:11:03] Instructions for the Hand Jam practice, a finger tapping practice that helps to bring peace and calm into the mind and body.


Sample Check-In [00:16:25] A sample check-in to practice being fully with oneself in a kind non-judgmental curious way, including questions to get underneath the chattering mind.


Introduction to Season Two [00:00:00] Mindful Nikki and Nuri  introduce the second season of the Just Be Mindful podcast and discuss the Just Be Mindful Map.


Reminder to Subscribe and Try the App [00:21:58] Nuri and Mindful Nikki remind listeners to subscribe to the podcast and try the Just Be Mindful app for free.


Conclusion and Farewell [00:22:29] Nuri and Mindful Nikki conclude the episode and remind listeners to take a moment to just be.


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