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PODCAST: MAY 24, 2021

Working with Anxiety

"Confidence is really not about looks it's more so what's on the inside do you believe in yourself?" "Affirmations kick those negative thoughts out the window."

Take away from this episode with Ola - Business & Leadership Coach:"Get lost in your own dreams. Not someone else's."

Introduction [00:00:03] Nuri introduces the podcast "Just Be" and welcomes the listeners.


Ola's background and contributions to her African village [00:02:37] Ola talks about her background and her contributions to her African village during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Challenges of entrepreneurship and how to overcome them [00:05:31] Ola discusses the challenges of being an entrepreneur and how to handle anxiety and pressure, with self-confidence, passion, and support.


Opening a Store [00:10:05] Ola shares her experience of opening her own store, the challenges she faced, and the missing step that impacted everything.


Passion and Determination [00:16:15] Ola talks about her passion and determination to succeed, driving a U-Haul by herself, and the importance of commitment.


Life Experiences [00:18:27] Ola attributes her determination and ambition to her life experiences, growing up with a mother who is an entrepreneur and a go-getter. She also gives advice to teens who don't have support at home.


Get Involved [00:20:00] Importance of getting involved in various activities and programs to gain support and mentorship.


African Village and Identity [00:21:12] The significance of cultural identity and having a supportive community, such as an African village, in building confidence and self-identity.


Feed Your Soul [00:27:31] The importance of building a prayerful life and having a personal relationship with God to feed the soul and unleash greatness.


The Power of Affirmations [00:29:16 - 00:32:01] Ola explains the importance of affirmations and how they can help manifest goals.


Creating Effective Affirmations [00:31:01 - 00:32:11] Nuri discuss the process of creating effective affirmations and the power of speaking them out loud.


Importance of Lifestyle Management [00:33:22 - 00:34:35] Ola emphasizes the importance of lifestyle management and discipline in achieving goals and overcoming challenges.


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