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New Year or
More Fear

"I don't think it always has to be painful but I think that we might sometimes not learn from our experiences and the more we kind of ignore our symptoms or we ignore the wisdom of our body the louder it's gonna kind of poke us you know?"

Today's guest, Leslie Lloyd is a 5 Element Acupuncturist and Transformative Life Coach and one of MindfulNikki's closest friends. This quote by Leslie captures her wisdom: "The beauty of seeing yourself as a part of nature and not separate from it, is to unearth the inherent wisdom that lives in the cycles of life. The darkness of winter will give rise to expansion of spring. What you are experiencing right now will change. It's the way of all things."

Introduction [00:00:03] Nuri introduces the podcast and the topic of navigating difficult teen issues through mindfulness.


Leslie Lloyd's Work [00:01:13] Leslie explains her work as a five element acupuncturist and transformative coach, and how she helps people awaken to their inherent wisdom and potential.


Acupuncture Misconceptions [00:05:02] Leslie addresses the misconceptions about acupuncture and how she convinces people to try it, emphasizing the profound sense of deep relaxation that can happen during a treatment.


Coaching for Mindfulness [00:08:59] Leslie talks about her work as a five element acupuncturist and transformative coach, and how she helps people awaken to their inherent wisdom and potential.


Rewiring the Brain for Success [00:13:24] Leslie explains how to rewire the brain for success by changing negative thoughts to positive ones, and how to approach tasks from a place of relaxation.


The Wisdom of the Five Elements [00:16:02] Leslie discusses the importance of understanding the movement of seasons and how each one is essential for the next one to happen, and how the winter season is about stillness and rest.


The Importance of Rest and Cycles [00:17:02 - 00:19:48] Leslie talks about the importance of rest and cycles in our lives, and how it can help us sustain and create new things.

Understanding Chinese Medicine [00:20:46 - 00:22:41] Leslie explains the concept of the five elements in Chinese medicine and how understanding one's constitution can give a deeper understanding of oneself.


The Fear and Gifts of the Water Element [00:22:41 - 00:24:57] Leslie discusses the fear and gifts associated with the water element in Chinese medicine, and how it can give rise to courage and cleverness.


The Cycle of Life [00:25:08] Leslie explains the cycle of life and how it affects us, and how understanding it can help ease anxiety and have faith in the process of life.


Coping with Difficulty as a Teen [00:26:28] Leslie gives advice to teens on how to cope with difficulty in the new year and the importance of taking care of oneself and listening to one's body.


Mindfulness and the Five Elements [00:28:38] Leslie talks about the benefits of mindfulness and the five elements, and how being gentle with oneself and knowing that it's okay to be stuck can help in making decisions from a more balanced place.


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