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Image by Zoltan Tasi



"Being creative is just doing your own thing and there are no rules which is why I love it so much."

Meet the artist for each original artwork for the JustBE Mindful Podcast-JustBE Intern Zoe Sepsenwol. In this episode, she shares her creative process for each podcast graphic, which in many ways mirrors a mindfulness practice.

Creativity [00:02:13] Nikki, Nuri and their intern, Zoe, discuss creativity and how anyone can unlock their creative mindset. They talk about the definition of an artist and how art has no boundaries.


Zoe's Artwork Process [00:04:15] Zoe explains her process for creating the artwork for the podcast, which involves taking the overall theme and key words from the hosts and then letting her creativity flow with minimal guidance and constraints.


Mindfulness and Creativity [00:06:17]  Nikki, Nuri, and Zoe discuss how the creative process is similar to mindfulness and how staying calm and relaxed is important when creating. They also talk about the importance of creating a good vibe around you when being creative.


Creating during COVID [00:07:51] Zoe talks about how creating art during COVID has been a great outlet for her, despite having a hard time creating at first.


Overcoming creator's block [00:08:26] Zoe discusses how she had a hard time creating during COVID and how creator's block is a real thing, just like writer's block.


Advice for young artists [00:12:30] Zoe gives advice to young artists to draw every day, even if it's just for a few minutes, to improve their skills.


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