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Paving New Paths to Freedom with Quan

"Once you get to a point where you accept who you are you start enjoying life as it comes to you and when you when you're yeah complete with yourself nothing else matters i promise you nothing matters it's a beautiful feeling."

Meet Quan, a Miami Native doing important work that helps decrease intergenerational trauma, while promoting meditative and sustainable resources to the black and LGBTQ+ community. Quan’s favorite quote is by Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”

Introduction [00:00:03] Nuri introduces the podcast and the guest, Quan, who is a master's student in trauma-informed social work and has created a social media presence with her brand Decoding the Black Household.


Quan's experience with sex trafficking [00:02:38] Quan talks about her experience working with young girls who were recently sex trafficked and how it was a devastating but life-changing experience.


Finding self-love [00:07:21] Quan shares her journey of finding herself and self-love, including seeking therapy, spirituality, and seeking wisdom from older people.


Identifying Emotions [00:09:17] Nuri discuss the importance of identifying emotions and being mindful of them in order to seek help and improve one's situation.


Ecopsychology and Ecotherapy [00:11:29] Quan explains the concept of ecopsychology and ecotherapy, which involves healing oneself by healing the earth and incorporating nature into one's healing process.


Being Safe in Nature [00:16:22] Nuri discuss the safety aspect of being in nature, including bringing necessary supplies, doing research on the location, and going with a friend or group.


Accepting Sexual Identity [00:18:55] Quan discusses the difficulty of accepting her sexual identity and the importance of healing and finding accepting communities.


Living Blindly [00:20:07] Nuri acknowledges the challenges of navigating a new world without guidance and support.


Lessons Learned [00:22:02] Nuri summarizes the topics covered in the podcast episode, including ecopsychology, self-care, and acceptance.


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