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Love, Art, & Mindfulness

"Enjoy your valentine's day because even if you don't have the family that you may want or a lot of friends or that significant other that you wish for you are still an amazing person so please love yourself."

In this episode, my niece Brett and her boyfriend Sol, both talented artists, explore how love affects their art-making process and how their art connects them more deeply to themselves and one another.

How Brett and Saul met [00:01:28] Brett and Saul met at a summer arts program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago through mutual friends.


Working together as a couple [00:06:00] Brett and Saul discuss the pros and cons of working together as artists and how they balance working together and separately.


The meaning of trust in a relationship [00:06:40] Brett and Saul talk about the importance of trust in their relationship and how it means considering each other's feelings and decisions.


Trust and Mindfulness in Relationships [00:07:30] Brett and Saul discuss the importance of trust and mindfulness in relationships, especially in long-distance ones.


The Role of Vulnerability in Relationships [00:09:26] Brett and Saul talk about managing vulnerability in relationships and the rewards of being truthful and open with a partner.


Art, Love, and Mindfulness [00:13:02] Brett and Saul explore the relationship between art, love, and mindfulness, and how being in a relationship can change one's art.


Love for the world [00:16:02] Brett and Saul discuss the idea of Valentine's Day being about love in general, not just romantic love, and the importance of loving oneself and other things in life.


Importance of self-love [00:15:44] Brett and Saul emphasize the importance of finding happiness within oneself and loving oneself, and how it is not weird or lonely to do so.


Conclusion and thanks [00:17:32] Nuri thanks the guests for sharing their experiences and encourages listeners to stay connected through her website.


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