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Social Media

You have to protect your eyes and your ears and what you allow your body to see because that's the same thing that the universe is going to bring back to you.

Social media is apart of pretty much every teen's life. On the positive side it can be very creative while connecting you to the people and things you love. On the negative side, if we're not mindful of the images we're taking in and the people we are connecting to, we can easily get lost in a sea of comparisons, and erroneous beliefs about how others are living based on what they choose to post on social media.

Social Media Distractions [00:00:18] Nuri talks about how social media can be a distraction, especially when doing homework, and shares her personal experience.


Staying Safe on Social Media [00:02:06] Nuri gives advice on how to stay safe on social media, including not talking to strangers, being careful with personal information, and not posting negative content.

Positive Impact of Social Media [00:04:02] Nuri discusses the importance of having positivity on social media, as it can impact one's mindset and attract positive experiences. She also warns against posting negative content, as it can affect future opportunities.


My Words Have Power [00:08:16] Nuri talks about the impact of words on social media and how they can leave unseen footprints.


The Fun Side of Social Media [00:10:51] Nuri discusses the positive aspects of social media, such as connecting with friends, having fun, and growing businesses.


Tips for Instagram [00:12:37] Nuri gives tips on how to gain more Instagram followers, including posting pictures with great quality, having variety in posts, and playing with color schemes.


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