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Teen Fomo and Loneliness

"Being a teen is a period of growth like it's not where you're supposed to be perfect or completely understand who you are this is the time where you meet people to try and get a step closer to the person that you wanna be."

Today’s Podcast has 2 very dear guests to me who I happen to know for quite some time. They are teens, 17 & 15 yrs to be exact. Our guests today are my daughters Zoe and Maya. I know I am a bit biased, but I think you’ll see for yourself that these two provide an authentic expression of what many teens go through when experiencing FOMO, fear of missing out, and loneliness. My hope is that in this convo they have with Nuri, that it normalizes this common experience for teens, and helps parents and those working with teens understand how this manifests. Ok, get ready, cause this is going to be really good.

Being a Teen [00:01:59] Maya and Zoe share their experiences of being a teenager, including the ups and downs, self-awareness, and intellectual growth.


Loneliness During Quarantine [00:07:00] Zoe talks about feeling lonely during quarantine, especially since it started at the end of her junior year, and missing out on the final push of the year.


FOMO and Loneliness Among Teens [00:01:12] The podcast episode's main topic is introduced, discussing FOMO and loneliness among teenagers and how it affects them emotionally.


Loneliness during quarantine [00:07:52-00:09:51] Zoe shares her experience of feeling lonely during quarantine due to the sudden change in her routine and lack of physical and emotional support from friends. She also talks about the positive aspects of loneliness and how it led her to try new things.


Change and loneliness in teenage years [00:11:12-00:14:02] Maya discusses how being a teenager is about change and how sudden changes can lead to loneliness. She also talks about the pressure to not be lonely and the importance of understanding and accepting change.


Pressure to not be lonely [00:14:29-00:14:46] Nuri and Nikki discuss the pressure to not be seen as lonely, even when alone in public places, and the impact of this pressure on teenagers.


Being Alone [00:14:54] Maya shares her experience of seeing a man alone and how being alone is difficult for her. Zoe adds that being a teen is about recognizing the why behind what you're doing and how the situations play out.


Loneliness and Independence [00:16:37] Nuri and Nikki discuss loneliness and how it is a time of growth. They also talk about the importance of being independent and doing things that make you feel good.


Covid and Loneliness [00:19:35] Nuri and Nikki discuss how Covid has affected loneliness and how it has established a comfortability in being independent. They also talk about the human instinct to want to be with other humans.


The Pressure of Being a Teen [00:21:59] Maya and Zoe discuss the stereotypical way of living as a teen and the pressure to conform to it, leading to FOMO and loneliness.


COVID-19 and Loneliness [00:23:24] Maya and Zoe and host discuss how COVID-19 has affected loneliness and independence, and how social media can exacerbate FOMO.


Choosing Love or Fear [00:28:30] Maya shares a mindfulness exercise called "Choosing Love or Fear" and how it can help in moments of stress, FOMO, and loneliness.


Choosing Fear and Love [00:29:22 - 00:34:26] Maya discusses her experience with FOMO and how choosing fear or love can affect one's emotions and actions. Zoe explains how the mindfulness exercise of choosing fear and love can help teenagers understand their thoughts and actions.


Perspective Shift [00:35:43] Mindfulness Nikki shares her recipe be practice of seeing the word "alone" as "all one" to shift one's perspective and emotions.


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