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Pause and Breathe

"There is so much power in this pause... you can see how it helps and how it transforms, and little by little, you're gonna be making space for your wise mind to pop through."

Hi! In this episode we will be guiding you through an exclusive part of the JustBE Mindful App, called the “JustBE Mindful Map” for ages 16 and up. Nuri (Host) and Mindfulnikki (Co-Host) introduce you to the intention "Be Here Now" which will help you experience more calm connected moments throughout your day. In this episode we cover… How would our life transform if we are able to access our inner knowing?

Pause and Breathe [00:00:43] The episode's intention is introduced, emphasizing the importance of pausing and breathing to access the wise mind and make wise choices.


Mindful Map [00:01:42] The Just Be Mindful Map is introduced as an experiential practice to understand what is underneath discomforts and challenges.


Hand Jam Exercise [00:11:00] The hand jam exercise for the intention of "pause and breathe" is demonstrated and explained, with tips for children and adults.


Pausing before reacting [00:13:11] The importance of pausing before reacting or speaking, and how it can transform one's life.


Honoring the practice [00:15:35] Honoring the listeners for taking the time to practice mindfulness and adding more "just be" moments to their lives.


Closing remarks [00:16:27] Encouragement to intentionally pause and breathe, and a reminder to take a moment to just be.


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