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I am What I am

If you’re able to in this moment, close your eyes, and take a long deep relaxed inhale and exhale. As you take your next breath, and breathe in say to yourself, “I am what I am”. I am what I am isn’t an inflated way of seeing oneself, rather it can be viewed as a spacious way to see yourself. Behind the busyness, clutter, and mind chatter there is a vast open mind that is available. I know you’re probably thinking that sounds nice, but where exactly is this place I speak of? In my experience, you can’t see it (which may be disappointing) but what’s exciting is you can feel it! For me my seated meditation practice has the capacity (sometimes) to drop out of the thinking mind and into a place of just being, as I am. A taste of this way of relating to the self, is like being given one sprinkle for your sundae. You’re left wondering, what it would look, feel and taste like to have a whole heap of sprinkles! There is a calm abiding place behind our modern busy life. Its available.

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