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Let's Stand in the Rain

I was recently at my parent’s house, the house I was born in. It began to rain, and my father who is now 85 years old asked me if I’d like to stand in the rain with him. I have never been offered this kind of invitation by him and I happily agreed. We went out front, and stood ½ way under the overhang, and ½ way in the rain. It was raining lightly. We were silent for a few minutes as we took in the smell and soft sprinkles of rain coming down on us. He told me a story I hadn’t heard before. When he was a little boy in Dover NJ, he loved to go out onto his enclosed porch while it rained. He said he felt at peace there and has always loved to be close to the rain since. I listened, while looking at his face, which appeared quite content, vulnerable and relaxed. The man I had grown up with hadn’t revealed this side. He was a bit complicated and tough, none of which was present as we stood together outside. I honestly never wanted this moment to end. I was standing with a man now willing to share in the precious simplicity of being with someone you love, while it rains. I didn’t realize I was kind of waiting my whole life for this moment. To do nothing, but JustBE together. There was nothing complicated or tough about him in those moments. Only the sweet shared love between us, verbalized in silence, presence, and our love for the rain. Life truly is a series of precious moments.

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