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React or Not React?

You know that feeling of a storm brewing inside. Agitation is stirring. The breath is shallow. It may be for no obvious reason this feeling has arrived, or maybe there’s carryover from the day prior bubbling up. We are habituated to do something about this feeling whether its conscious or not. We want to feel better. We may snap at someone we know or maybe someone we don’t know. Or maybe we bring in that feeling and allow it to be. Crazy? I don’t think so. Difficult? Maybe, sometimes, but possible. I’m not professing that you stuff down and away that which is uncomfortable, but bring it to surface, (or close to it), with awareness, breath, kindness, and a quality of allowing. When this feeling arrives, take notice. Pause, breathe into it. Soften it with your awareness. React by not reacting outwardly, but inwardly. You have chosen in this moment to add more peace into the world, by actively cultivating this in yourself. If you are reading this and you already snapped. Don’t fret. There’s many many more moments to practice. Life is practice!

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