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Golden Silence

Driving is a great time to practice JustBEing with others in silence. Noticing when the urge to fill the space arises, and not jumping towards making it go away strengthens your ability to JustBE. Learning to be o.k. with our own spaciousness, which silence brings up can feel weird. We’re not used to it. We’re used to filling it, and not even aware how much of the time we are unconsciously doing this so we don’t have to feel stillness. The ego isn’t a big fan of stillness. Yet it can be trained to settle down. It gives off messages when we are still and silent that aren’t so nice because the ego feels threatened. It must feel “important” that it exists, and when it has nothing to do it may panic. Don’t panic though, there’s an antidote. Attend, soothe, and do something different. Attend to the discomfort by noticing it and being with it, like you’d be there for a dear friend who needs comfort. (yes you can do this for your self). This helps to re-pattern the pathways that say, “run, this is super uncomfortable”! Noticing helps to soothe, and this whole process of not running, is doing something radically different which is staying with your experience.

Silence is golden.

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