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Stillness my Long Lost Friend

A still lake is so pleasing to the eye. There’s a calm, effortless feeling of a still lake. When is the last time you were completely still yet not sleeping? Nowadays stillness takes a conscious effort to find, create, and rest in. Stillness can be like a dear friend who you can just be with and feel at ease. Or stillness may not be very comfortable at all, and feel more like a long lost friend. Stillness may even be wrought with messages like, “you’re not doing anything right now and you’re lazy”! That doesn’t feel fantastic when we believe into these messages that can arise. But once you habituate yourself back into knowing that slices of stillness, here there and anywhere, are o.k., you’ll begin to recondition yourself back to moments where you can just be. A lake isn’t always still. Sometimes its choppy like we are. But knowing you can return to a still place, by feeding yourself moments of non-doing, is like reconnecting to a dear friend.

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