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You never know the impact you have on others. How your words, actions, or silence ripples out into the world. This became apparent as I was reading my daughter’s letter from camp where she sarcastically shared: “I guess you have had an impact on me after all!" Haha! She revealed that one of her friends at camp had bad anxiety, and the year before she taught her the Handjam, “Peace Begins With Me.” She said her friend told her this summer that she used it at different times throughout the year and it really helped her. This was unexpected, because for a while it seemed my teen daughter was doing what is a natural evolution and exploration for a teen; to turn away from or challenge the beliefs of your parents. It appeared on the outside that mindfulness was not her thing. That’s the thing… It doesn’t need to be. However, if you’ve been offered the skills of mindfulness, it can pop up unexpectedly, like a good friend would in a time of need, offering a token of kindness.

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