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Did my Daughter Move to Europe?

I joke with my daughter that communicating with her when her phone is in her hand, is like talking to someone in Europe where there’d be a long pause and delay (back in the day anyways this would happen). It’s common to ask a question to my beloved teen while on her phone doing something and get zero response. No flicker of any kind really that would lead me to believe she heard anything I said. I ask her again. She hears my tone change a bit, so she perks up ever so slightly. Yet still a long delay and then, “yea mom”. Blah. Its literally as if I am on an out of country call with that insanely long pause to respond, which isn’t a mindful pause. Its a pause that comes from being highly immersed in her social media world. A big to do could ensue if I wanted it to with this less than stellar communication. But in the meantime, I make subtle jokes that we communicate at times like she lives overseas and I’d like us to practice more presence. That light touch seems to help and bring a bit of light-heartedness to the situation. Creativity in reclaiming true communication with a teen isn’t easy.

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