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Women Of Tomorrow

She came up to me after a meditation/mindfulness group she participated in of teens who were part of the Women of Tomorrow. She said, “can I ask you something"? Do you do this other places here in Miami? I replied, “tell me, what’s going on"? She said, “I have really bad social anxiety, and I don’t talk to anyone at school, I just can’t”. I said, “well, you’re talking to me right now so its possible”. She had the courage to come and say something so personal and painful. A tenth grade girl, opening the door to her struggle that she somehow knew would be safe to share with me. If we want to create today, women of tomorrow who are present and courageous, we must be present to their pain in the here and now. Like that second grade girl who told me no one ever asked her how she felt. This young woman’s words echo the voices of many teen girls struggling today. We must listen.

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